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Camp 2012 has been declared!!

Bethel SDA Annual Camps have been branded "HERITAGE CAMP" so as to focus the minds of campers on what distinguishes Seventh-day Adventists within the general Christian faith. Over the years, each camp revolved around the beliefs and lifestyles which make us uniquely Adventists. This time around, Bethel will team up with the three other churches in the district for a BIG District Camp.

The 2012 HERITAGE CAMP will go under the sub-theme "Rekindling the Flame" and will be held in the picturesque South-Eastern fishing village of San Sauveur, famous for annual Fete Isidore cultural feast. The recently refurbished San Sauveur Primary School (see photo to the right) will be the HERITAGE CAMP Site and will be branded accordingly for the duration of the camp.  The school is equipped with computer room, library, counselling/sick room, cafetaria/auditorium, multipurpose court, fire safety equipment and all the facilities and utilities for safe camping.

Camp Details

HERITAGE CAMP 2012 will open on Friday February 17th and close on Tuesday 21st. Transportation and trucking details have been finalised.......see next section. Some features of the camp will be:

  • River Bathing
  • Sea Fishing
  • Hiking the Rosalie-Petite Soufriere trail
  • Secret Pals
  • Banquet
  • Pathfinder Gathering and anti-drug rally
  • Outdoor Sleeping (subject to decision of Camp Director & availability of tents)
  • Survival Skills Training
  • Prayer Power
  • Bible Reading

Camp programme, rules and registration forms are being uploaded as they are developed and may be printed as needed.  Camp fee for adults remain $35, youth (i.e. 5 to 15 years) $20 and those under 4 years will make a $5 contribution.

Camp Song Lyrics
Optional Camp Song Lyrics
Camp Programme
Camp Registration Form
Camp Rules
Guidance to Visitors
Rosalie-Petite Soufriere Trail

Keep checking this page everyday for additional and updated camp information.

Transportation, Trucking and Other Camp Details

Transportation and trucking from Mahaut/Canefield and from Tarreau/Warner to San Sauveur have been finalised. The bus and truck transporting Tarreau campers will travel via Warner and also transport Warner campers. Bus and truck transporting Canefield campers will also travel to Mahaut to collect campers from that location. All campers MUST assemble at their respective churches with all their camping gears, supplies and equipment no later than 3:30pm. Deacons MUST ensure that mobile PA systems from Bethel and Tarreau churches are loaded unto the trucks. The Coaster bus transporting Canefield and Mahaut campers is scheduled to depart Canefield at 3:30pm for San Sauveur. All Aboard????

Here are some additional camp details you want to make sure you do not forget:

i. Come along with a gift to be presented to your Secret Pal on Revelation Night

ii. Come along with the District Tee Shirt which will be used for the open-air programmes on Sabbath and Sunday

iii. Come along with an additional $2:00 per camper to meet the insurance fee for travellling and camping

iv. Come along with your laptop or study materials ONLY where you are preparing to write an exam very soon

v. There will be no cooking during the Sabbath. Campers must prepare dinner for Friday night, breakfast and lunch for Sabbath, before camp.

vi. Come along with fishing rods, hiking clothes and all your outdoor gear.

vii. Youth and adult campers should come along with $50 to cover transportion, trucking and pocket money.

viii. Pathfinders and Adventurers MUST bring along their complete uniforms to camp to participate in the anti-drug march on Sabbath.


The optional camp song is "Let it Rain" by Neville Peter. We are grateful to the artist for such a wonderful and spitit-filled song. Familiarise yourself with the lyrics and tune for the song in the video below

Email Camp Leaders
Job Descriptions for Camp Officials

Heritage Camp Leaders 2012

Camp Director - Eld. Cornation "Kenny" Felix
Assitant Camp Director - Eld. Achille Joseph
Food Service Director - Shirley Joseph
Cook - RoseAnn Daniel
Chaplain - Eld. Gabriel Nicholls
Treasurers - Eld. Helena Warrington and Annette Nicholls
Chief of the Camp - Brian Adams
Nurse - Peaches Mitchell RN
Social Activities Director - Sherlyn Warrington
Fitness Instructors - Pastor Bacchus & Eld. Johansen Massicott
Mail Courier - Jewel Pendenque
Counselors - Eld. Patricia Adams & Ruth Graham

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