1. No rings, chains and bracelets are allowed on Camp.
2. No secular music is allowed on Camp.
3. Campers MUST remain within the property UNLESS allowed to leave by the Camp Director.
4. Wake-up Calls (Reveille) MUST be obeyed.
5. Lights-out MUST be obeyed.
6. Unit Leaders are responsible for the care and safety of their units.
7. Unit Leaders decisions can ONLY be appealed to the Assistant Camp Director.
8. Assistant Camp Director’s decisions can ONLY be appealed to the Camp Director.
9. The decision of the Camp Director is final, except in matters of expulsion from Camp.
10. Campers MUST participate in Camp Activities which have been assigned.
11. Three warnings by the Assistant Camp Director and/or Camp Director may result in the Camper be expelled from Camp by the Camp Management Team.
12. Campers are responsible for washing their eating utensils; clothing; sleeping items and other personal belongings which are required to be washed.
13. Campers MUST perform the chores assigned to them.
14. River/Sea bathing may be allowed by the Camp Director if a Counselor or Unit Leader supervises the traveling and bathing. All Campers MUST sleep indoors.
15. Campers MUST be properly dressed on Camp and MUST dress appropriately for worship services and evangelistic activities. By "properly dressed" means no shorts, vests and tightly-fitted clothing for women.
16. Non-Adventist visitors are NOT permitted in the canteen and in the worship center, outside of service.
17. Visitors MUST have the permission of Unit Leaders to enter sleeping rooms.
18. Cell phone use is prohibited while in worship; evangelistic activities and Camp meetings.
19. Campers are not permitted to enter gender rooms.
20. Absolutely, NO MUSSING is permitted on camp.
21. Radios should not be heard beyond the rooms.
22. Where a Camper has been expelled from camp, any non-Adventist “come along” must leave with him.
23. The Camp Site MUST be respected.
24. Bible and Church/SDA Hymnal MUST accompany every camper.
25. Removing a camper's personal belongings without his permission may result in expulsion from camp.