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Health and Community Outreach are PILLARS on which the Adventist Community at Canefield was established! They continue to be dynamic Ministries of the church.

The Health & Wellness Ministry focus is led by Peaches Mitchell, RN. She can be reached at Health. Here is a health brief from her.

While recent news reports suggest that having one or two alcoholic drinks per day can have a beneficial effect on heart health, the adaptation of a healthy lifestyle can yield similar benefits without the risk of alcohol's side effects, one health expert said.

Dr. Alan Handysides, health ministries director for the Seventh-day Adventist world church, said that following the healthy lifestyle promoted to and among Adventist Christians will produce all of the heart benefits without the risks.

Not too long ago, The New York Times, one of the world's leading newspapers, rekindled interest in the subject touting the benefits of moderate daily alcohol consumption as a preventative for heart disease. Several physicians and researchers were quoted as endorsing the concept, although the newspaper conceded that such views have been--and remain--controversial in many circles.

Alcohol is a drug and regular consumption of alcohol is likely to cause serious health problems--addiction or cirrhosis or other conditions--in one of every 15 people.  

Depending on the degree of adherence to a healthy lifestyle, people can add seven to 14 years to their life. By exercising, changing the nature of fats in their diet, eating more nuts, people can live healthier and longer, and we have statistical evidence of that.

Dr. Handysides noted that the promotion of so-called moderate drinking could be good news for the alcohol beverage industry, with potentially billions of dollars at stake in North America alone.  

Alcohol is a carcinogenic compound. People who have more than two or three drinks a day will increase their stomach cancer risk.

Moreover, while the consumption of alcohol may help some in middle age to avoid various heart problems, endorsing moderate drinking can send a wrong signal to young adults, many of whom tend towards so-called binge drinking, where massive amounts of liquor are consumed at one time.

This doctor's prescription? Abstain from alcohol and embrace a healthy lifestyle, to live longer without a morning-after hangover.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church operates 169 hospitals and sanitariums worldwide and is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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Bringing hope to the residents of Tarreau (left photo).
Become Health Wise
Young Preacher delivering hope by the road-side in Castle Bruce (right photo).

A focus on healthy eating has been a demoninational pillar for centuries (left photo).
Search our archives for answers to common medical questions from highly qualified and experienced Physicians. Ask the Docs
Health Professionals of the Community Services Ministry conducting health screening at a health symposium. Screenings were conducted for the public at no charge to them (right photo).

Visiting and praying with and for the elderly at a sanitorium (left photo) (Elder in blue shirt now rests in hope of rising again).
We stress healthy eating but we are occasionally asked, "how do you prepare tasty vegetarian meals?". So we came up with a speciality Bethel Cuisine Collection just for our readers and visitors. We know you'll enjoy the change.
(Below) A section of the attendees as they pay close attention to a lecture by Pastor Ricardo Selman, Family Life Director, East Caribbean Conference of SDA.  The Family Life Seminar was held at Bethel SDA Church at Canefield from March 12 to 19, 2011. The final lecture was convened at the Old Mill Cultural Center, Canefield.