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May 18th, 2011 was another tragic day for the Seventh-day Adventist community on the island of Dominica. Well-known and well-liked third-generation SDA youth, Kent Pemberton, was killed in a vehicular accident at the intersection of King George V Street and Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard in Roseau. His death saddened the entire secular population on the island. A crusade which began on June 3rd, two days following Kent's funeral, has attracted guests who appear to have been touched by the funeral service.  The Evangelist is Randy Skeete of Michigan, USA.


The Close of the Sabbath on February 19th, 2011 will begin another "Heritage Walk" for the hagions (saints) at Bethel. This time the walk will take them to the interior community of Cochrane. Much needed exercise will be gained and an opportunity to socialise and witness will add value.  


The church community of Bethel and indeed the Dominica SDA constituency was saddened by the sudden passing of Dr. Francesca Jacobs, a second generation Seventh-day Adventist  and a member of the Bethel congregation. At the time of her passing, sister Jacobs was Director of Primary Health Care i.e. head of the entire primary health intervention of the Government of Dominica and a second-level position in the health hierarchy. Her August 19th, 2010 passing received national media coverage. Her son and two daughters are dear to the members of Bethel SDA.


The Lord of Bethel, ιησους χριστος, recently responded (first half 2010) to the petitions of the believers and granted their wish: ownership of sufficient land within the municipality to construct a new tabernacle, worship and evangelistic center as a sanctuary for His karbode and from where the work of His church will be coordinated. This is extremely good news!