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Come study the Word with us! Come and experience an alternative focus for your life! Come and discover some amazing historical, current and future life-shaping and stupendous events!

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We are comitted to sharing the Gospel Message in its pure form.  The information on this website can be checked against the actual reading of the Gospel in any if its populer versions. Visit a church close to which preaches "thus sayest the Lord", preferably a seventh-day adventist church. Tell others about this website.  This website is the work of comitted God-fearing laymen. 


Since the death of Christ 2000 years ago, the world has been in turmoil over what to do with Jesus.  The question has divided nations, toppled governments and ripped apart families.   No other person born on this earth has created such stir and inspired such awakening as that of Jesus. The Bible states that angels adore Him.  Kings bowed before Him.  Nature revered Him.  Demons feared Him.  Children cheered Him.  Pious pagans steered clear of Him.  Herodians harassed Him.  Pharisees hated Him.  The house of Jarius laughed at Him.   His own family thought Him insane.  Satan tested Him humanity.  The Holy Spirit proclaimed His deity.  John baptised Him in water.  Many wet His feet with tears.  Pilate washed his hands from Him.  A widow gave Him encouragement.  A boy offered Him lunch.  One friend denied Him.  Another friend betrayed Him.  Enemies whipped Him, spat on Him and stripped Him.  A notion despised.  God glorified Him.

Today what will you do with Jesus? My friend, you have three choices.  Like the thief that hung on his left, you can reject Him.  Like the thief that hung on his right, you can accept Him.   Or, like the Roman leader Felix, you can refuse to make up your mind about Him. As we enter another year, another month, another week, another day, another hour, what will be your choice?

To refuse Him outright or to think about Him later is to create the risk of spending eternity separated from Him.  To accept Him and live for Him daily is to have your name registered in the Book of Life and be assured of as place in Him eternal kingdom. The dawn of this new century will continue to see an escalation in the great controversy between the forces of good and evil.  In this life we will ever live in a state of tension because of the effects of sin on the human race.  And so, do not expect any magical solutions to the daily problems that we face.  Jesus promises a better tomorrow.  He is the author of our faith, the fortress of our hope and the foundation of our beliefs.  Jesus is the only person that we can confidently trust and reassuringly confide in, as we step into the great unknown. Why not pledge to begin this new day the right way by committing your life to Jesus?  If you have done this before, it is appropriate for you to assess the quality of your relationship with your God.  Are you covered by His daily protection, confidently resting assured in the merits if His saving grace?  Are you increasing in faith and growing in a personal knowledge and love for Jesus?  There is no better time for you to do this than at this historic moment as you take another breath of oxygen.  DO IT NOW!


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