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The Children actively participate in worship and take every opportunity to share the reason for their faith.  Here are some examples of young people in Ministry.

Are you interested in building lifelong discipline in your children? Are there character traits and behavioural patterns in your youth that concern you? Enrol your child in the Cherubim Pathfinders' Club! Life-saving skills and a positive approach and outlook to life are taught there! 


Free Colouring Pages
The Holy Word of God is pure and elevated, and this is the impression we earnestly desire to stamp upon the tender wax of our children’s minds. Let this message be communicated to them, even in the pictures they colour. Here are some samples of the many printable pictures our children use during their Sabbath classes. You can use these samples with your children.

Guardian Angel
Lot Flees Sodom
Noah and the Ark
Cain and Abel
Weary Land
Abraham and Issac
Eve and the Serpent
Abraham and Sarah


Contact the youth at: Youth

Youth Quarterly

Young ones listening to what they can become.

Young Adult Quarterly

Tomorrow's adult busy filming a youth service.

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Real Magazine! Just for Youth

Enjoying a light moment during a district evangelical activity at Warner.