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Daniel was in the habit of praying (Dan 6:10-13) therefore the Lord "shut the lion's mouths" (vs.22) and "the living God" (vs.26) "delivered Daniel from the power of the lions" (vs.27).  So, "pray without ceasing" (1 Thess. 5:17) for "the Lord's ear is not too heavy that He cannot hear" (Isa 59:1).

Our Prayer Warriors meet every Thursday evening to talk to our Creator about everything and anything.  Personal challenges; family issues; a sick friend; a prodigal son; family finances; an upcoming examination; the mental state of a friend; the young man on-the-block; our nation's economy; religious liberty; church leadership; protection from the deceiver; evangelism; direction for a child; an uncommited husband; taking a loan; unentered territories; the homeless and abandoned; the godless; and the list goes on.

  Prayer Unlimited

Think about what might happen if every Seventh-day Adventist all over the world, or even the believers at Bethel SDA only, would pray for one hour at the same time and for the same purpose. Can you even imagine how Heaven would be shaken with the prayers of millions of Adventist Christians from over 200 countries and areas, praying to Him in total unity in 1,000 different languages for one hour? I get goose bumps just lingering with the idea.

Surely Jesus would rejoice, because at Gethsemane He couldn't even get three disciples to watch and pray for an hour! Now He would hear the prayers of intercession of millions, harmonizing to the tune of His prayer that we would all be one in spirit.

COMING Soon!  Prayer Warriors Unite in Purpose.

Pray Till Something Happens

  Prayer Successes

The Bible recalls several instances where prayer brought about the healing of a sick person (Peter's mother-in-law; Hezekiah); release from prison (Paul and Silas); the restoring of a nation (Israel); the end of a severe drought (Elijah's effort); extreme miracles (the reverse of the sun) and ......... 

We want to include your challenges and concerns on our Prayer List.  We promise to pray for every one who makes a request or whose concerns come to our knowledge.  Prayer does not have any boundary and knows no cultural or territorial limits.

Prayer changes lives

  Prayer Request

We invite you to send us an email and make your prayer requests.  We promise to keep you informed of our prayer efforts on your behalf.

Prayer can move rocks and mountains!

email us at: Prayer