1. Visitors MUST report to the Chief of the Camp before entering the camp grounds.
2. No secular music is allowed on Camp.
3. The decision of the Camp Director is final.
4. Two warnings by the Assistant Camp Director and/or Camp Director may result in the Visitor being expelled from Camp.
5. Visitors MUST be properly dressed on Camp and MUST dress appropriately for worship services and evangelistic activities
6. Non-Adventist visitors are NOT permitted in worship center and canteen.
7. Visitors MUST have the permission of Unit Leaders to enter sleeping rooms.
8. Cell phone use is prohibited while in worship; evangelistic activities and Camp meetings.
9. Visitors are not permitted to enter gender rooms.
10. Radios should not be heard beyond the rooms.
11. The Camp Site MUST be respected.
12. Visitors should not interfere in the running of the camp.
13. Visitors are not permitted to spend the night on the camp grounds unless permitted to do so by the Camp Director
14. Alcohol use is prohibited on camp.