Job Titles & Descriptions


Camp Director              Responsible for the overall management and operation of the camp, including attainment of the objectives set by DAAYS and the management of personnel and finances.


Assistant Camp            Responsible for the efficient coordination of camp activities and for specific duties assigned by the Camp Director.                                           Director                                             


Camp Treasurer           Responsible to the Camp Director and Camp Management Team for the efficient management of financial resources.


Food Service                Responsible for directing the overall food service programme including food preparation and clean up.



Cook                            Responsible to the Food Service Director for food preparation and clean up.


Chief of the Camp        Responsible for the security of the camp site and facilities and to give or deny entry to visitors to the camp compound.


Chaplain                      Responsible for directing morning assemblies, Sabbath and Sunday night services and generally for the spiritual goals of the camp.


Social Activities           Responsible for managing all camp recreational, social and entertainment activities.



Fitness Instructor         Responsible for the morning fitness programme and to assist the Social Activities Director with directing the trail hike.


Camp Nurse Responsible for the health and wellness of campers.


Team Leader                Responsible for the safety and orderliness of campers assigned in team and to ensure team compliance with Camp Rules and room etiquette.


Counselor                    Responsible for counseling and nurturing of any camper assigned by the Camp Director.


Mail Courier                 Responsible for delivery and pick up of mails to secret pals.


Camp Management      Team comprising Camp Director, Assistant Director, Chaplain, Chief of the Camp, Treasurer, Food Service Director

Team                            and Social Activities Coordinator.